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Latink Blood Tattoo Studio, established since 2019 in downtown Toronto, is far from your typical tattoo studio. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch, original, and professional tattoo artistry. In just a few years, Latink Blood Tattoo has cultivated a loyal clientele that spans not only across Canada but also includes customers from the United States. We're honored to host a team of exceptionally unique and talented artists in our studio. Our dedicated team accompanies you through every phase, from the initial free consultation, where we learn about your vision, to the design process, and right through to the aftercare phase. Our team's central mission is to ensure that customers feel fantastic, whether they're embarking on a large project or getting a small tattoo. Clients leave our studio content and thrilled, proudly displaying a remarkable piece of art.



  • Full Sessions
    Full Sessions
  • Half Sessions
    Half Sessions
  • Realism black and grey
    Realism Black
  • Realism (colour)
    Realism Colour
  • Anime
  • Fine line
    Fine Line
  • Traditional tattoos
    Traditional Tattos
  • Neo traditional
    Neo Traditional
  • Black work
    Black Work
  • Portraiture
  • New shcool tattoos
    New School Tattoos
  • Surrealism
  • Piercings
  • Laser tattoo removal
    Laser Tattoo


      Full sessions

      Full tattoo sessions offer tattoo enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in a deeper and more committed experience. Unlike traditional sessions that may last a few hours, a full session involves dedicating an entire day or even several days to the creation of a masterpiece on the skin. This approach allows artists and clients to collaborate more intensively, fostering a unique bond and a deeper understanding of the creative vision.


        This tattoo style draws inspiration from the distinctive characters and visual art of anime, known for its unique strokes, vibrant colors, and exciting narratives. Anime tattoos can range from portraits of iconic characters from popular series and movies to original illustrations inspired by the unique anime style.

          Black Work

          "Black Work" tattoos represent a bold and distinctive form of artistic expression in the world of tattooing. This technique is characterized by the exclusive use of black ink, foregoing vibrant colors and focusing on a darker and more contrasting aesthetic. Simplicity and visual strength are fundamental elements in Black Work tattoos. Artists use shadows, solid lines, and geometric patterns to create striking designs. The absence of vibrant colors highlights the form and structure, giving rise to intricate and enigmatic compositions.

            Fine line

            Fine line tattoos represent a form of tattoo art that stands out for its elegance and subtlety. In this style, artists use thin and precise lines to create intricate, detailed, and often minimalist designs. The beauty of fine line tattoos lies in the tattoo artist's ability to express creativity and meaning through delicate strokes.

              Half sessions

              "Half sessions" tattoos could refer to the practice of dividing a larger tattoo piece into shorter sessions, addressing only a portion of the artwork in each session. This can be beneficial for both the tattoo artist and the client, as it allows for better time and fatigue management during the process.

                Laser tattoo removal

                Laser tattoo removal has emerged as a revolutionary technology that provides individuals with the opportunity to erase or significantly reduce unwanted tattoos. This procedure uses the energy of lasers to break down ink particles in the skin, allowing the immune system to gradually eliminate them. The laser tattoo removal process involves the emission of highly concentrated pulses of light onto the tattooed area.

                  Neo Traditional

                  Neo Traditional tattoos represent a modern evolution of the traditional style, blending classic elements with contemporary techniques and heightened artistic expression. This approach provides tattoo artists and enthusiasts with a renewed creative freedom, allowing for the incorporation of more intricate details and an expanded color palette. They are characterized by their focus on depth, soft shadows, and the blending of artistic styles, creating compositions that are both striking and expressive.

                    New School tattoos

                    New School tattoos represent an exciting and vibrant evolution in the world of tattoo art. This contemporary style is characterized by its bold approach, vibrant colors, and a playful aesthetic often inspired by pop culture, cartoons, video games, and urban art.


                      Piercings, an ancient form of body modification that has endured throughout history, have evolved today as a modern expression of style and self-expression. This practice involves piercing the skin to insert jewelry in specific areas of the body, and its popularity has grown significantly in recent decades.


                        They are a form of artistic expression that seeks to capture the essence and likeness of an individual on the skin. This specialized form of tattooing focuses on realistically recreating facial features and unique characteristics of a person, whether it be a loved one, a cultural icon, or even pets.

                          Realism black and grey

                          The technique requires an extraordinary level of skill and dexterity from the tattoo artist, as they must play with shadows and lights to create the illusion of depth and texture. Each line and shadow is meticulously planned to achieve a result that often resembles a black and white photograph.

                            Realism Colour

                            Color Realism tattoos represent a vibrant and captivating form of artistic expression within the tattoo world. This style is characterized by the extremely detailed representation of images and portraits, using a full color palette to capture the vibrancy and authenticity of reality. Artists specialized in Color Realism must not only be masters of tattooing technique but also experts in the precise blending and application of shades.


                              In surrealism, reality intertwines with the imaginary, creating compositions that defy logic and stimulate the imagination. Similarly, surrealistic tattoos incorporate strange elements, unexpected metamorphoses, and dreamlike landscapes to achieve a visual effect that goes beyond literal representation.

                                Traditional tattoos

                                Traditional tattoos often feature vibrant colors, thick lines, and defined contours. Classic motifs include anchors, roses, hearts, swallows, tigers, and other nautical elements or those inspired by maritime culture. Primary colors like red, blue, and green are used prominently, creating a distinctive visual palette.

                                OPINION OF OUR CLIENTS


                                Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella

                                100% recommend this place for tattoos, excellent, professional and respectable workers. Super clean, organized and friendly.

                                STEVE S

                                Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella

                                Was in the shop for three days getting work done by Danny. The work he did is better than I could have ever imagined. Saw a lot of clients roll through the shop during my 3 days and every tattoo that left the shop by all the Latink tattooists were 10/10. Highly recommended.


                                Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella Estrella

                                Beautiful place, very comfortable and friendly! It was my first tattoo and the attention they give you to support you with the design is great, they adapt very well to what you want , I would return if I wanted one more. They offer you drinks for your comfort, an excellent place for your first tattoo.